Excite your Partner by Wearing G-strings for Men

  If you are looking for something that might add some excitement to your boudoir activities, you might want to give G-strings for men a try. These tiny garments have become quite celebrated lately with the release of Magic Mike XXL. This movie is filled with some truly hot looking men wearing Gstrings as they […]

G-strings for Men on the Beach

Gstrings for Men on the Beach Most of the g-strings for men designs that you will see on the beach are tame when compared to the ones you may never get to see. Public beaches have dress codes for what guys can and cannot wear and the really sexy gstrings aren’t going to be seen […]

G-strings for Men to Relax

  Wearing G-strings for men has become quite the fetish for me lately. I’m not sure when it really started, the idea of wearing these wonderful items, but I have grown quite fond of them. It may seem odd to some guys out there that a man like me would want to wear something this […]

G-strings for Men to Force You into Shape

  I have wanted to start wearing G-strings for men ever since I went to the beach last summer. I saw a group of guys walking down the beach in these fantastic swimsuits and thought that I would look great in one, too. Of course I thought that I had the right body style to […]

G-strings for Men to Spice up Your Sex Life

  Something that a lot of couples have started to bring into the bedroom, or any other room in the house, is G-strings for men. These tiny garments are guaranteed to heat things up in no time at all whether you are modeling them in the bedroom or the kitchen. You know, lots of couples […]