Feeling Hot in G-strings for Men

  Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, you have at least heard of G-strings for men. They became quite popular when the Magic Mike movies hit the big screen because men could not help but notice the reactions of women who watched the super sexy moves of the men dancing on the […]

Gstrings for Men to Make You Sizzle

Granted, it takes a confident guy to wear Gstrings for men in public. That is true for many reasons with the biggest one most likely being the shape of their bodies. It really does make a difference as to whether you can successfully wear Gstrings or not. You truly need to take care of your […]

My First Experience with G-strings for Men

  Not too long ago, if you told me that I would be enjoying G-strings for men, I would have slapped you in the mouth and told you to go away. I never would have worn anything even closely related to a Gstring, especially swimwear that would be seen out in public. But now I […]