Seduce Your Lover with G-strings for Men

  Before you bypass this bit of advice on G-strings for men, consider just how sexy these garments are and can be! Once you understand this part of things, you will certainly want to consider using them as one of your seduction tools for that special person in your life. This is especially true if […]

G-strings for Men to Relax

  I have been wearing G-strings for men lately and I will admit that I was not sure how I was going to feel. I was thinking that there might be a part of me that felt too feminine while wearing something of this nature and that scared me. I did not want any of […]

Gstrings for Men to Spice up Your Sex Life

  You may not realize it but there is a single garment that guys can wear to make themselves even more enticing to their partners. That garment is called Gstrings for men and should be a part of every guy’s wardrobe. If you are not familiar with Gstrings, you should try to have a look […]

G-strings for Men Actually Are Comfortable

  So there are some guys out there that think wearing g-strings for men is wrong. They think that if a guy is wearing something like this then there is something wrong with them or they are not truly men. I would like to think that I am a man and I love wearing g-strings […]

G-strings for Men to Make Your Partner Sit up and Take Notice

  G-strings for men are wonderful when it comes to setting up a night of seduction for your partner. In case you are not that familiar with Gstrings, consider having a look at the Magic Mike movies. Those guys doing the dancing and stripping all end up wearing only Gstrings and the audience goes totally […]

Have Some Fun in G-strings for Men

  G-strings for men have been around for a pretty long time now even if they have not received the attention that they so richly deserve. Naturally, these have been known for years as being worn by women, particularly strippers. In case you have been living under a rock or something, a Gstring is a […]

Getting Sexy in G-strings for Men

  G-strings for men have become quite popular in certain circles of men. There are many reasons that they might have chosen to try to wear these G-strings. One of them might have a lot to do with a couple of little movies with the name Magic Mike in the titles. Nothing sells a Gstring […]