Gstrings for Men to Spice up Your Sex Life

  You may not realize it but there is a single garment that guys can wear to make themselves even more enticing to their partners. That garment is called Gstrings for men and should be a part of every guy’s wardrobe. If you are not familiar with Gstrings, you should try to have a look […]

G-strings for Men to Gain Self-Esteem

  It might sound as an odd sort of thing to use G-strings for men when it comes to gaining or re-building self-esteem. After all, for a man to walk onto a public beach wearing only a Gstring takes quite a lot of confidence. There is absolutely nothing covered except that all important area in […]

Understanding the Happiness of Gstrings for Men

  I love my Gstrings for men, but I really wish that other people would understand what it is like to wear them. I have to be very careful about the people in my life that know about my Gstrings simply because most people cannot comprehend why I would wear them. Almost everyone I come […]

Having Fun in G-strings for Men

  G-strings for men are not made simply to make you look enticingly sexier than you ever thought you could be. Although they can do that for you; that is not the only purpose they have. When you are a man who knows how to have a good time, Gstrings can put a lot more […]

Get Sexy in G-strings for Men

  If you are one of those men who has been living under a rock, you might not have heard of G-strings for men or know what they are. For those uninformed, these are tiny garments worn by men as some sort of sexy underwear or swimsuits on more liberal beaches. They have just enough […]

G-strings for Men Actually Are Comfortable

  So there are some guys out there that think wearing g-strings for men is wrong. They think that if a guy is wearing something like this then there is something wrong with them or they are not truly men. I would like to think that I am a man and I love wearing g-strings […]

Wearing G-strings for Men At The Office

  Whenever I wear my g-strings for men I find an amount of comfort that I just can’t find with anything else that I have worn before. It might sound odd that a guy is talking about how comfortable something is that has a string placed firmly between your butt cheeks but they are comfortable. […]

Understanding and Accepting G-strings for Men

  I never really thought G-strings for men were all that great of an idea. I mean, I love seeing women wearing them because of the way they show off their asses and all. But I never thought that men should be doing things like this unless they were a professional stripper or something. It […]

G-strings for Men Are Not for Sissies

  By now, everyone has heard of G-strings for men whether they have seen any male strippers on stage or on the big screen or not. These hot little garments do very little to cover up a lot on men and that makes a huge portion of the population quite happy. Of course, there will […]

Have Fun in G-strings for Men

  G-strings for men have become very popular of late. This might be due to the wild success of the Magic Mike movies, but then, who would not be crazy over those guys gyrating around on stage wearing only G-strings? Bodies such as Channing Tatum’s and company should never be covered up because to hide […]