G-strings for Men Can Make You Feel Whole Again

  I love wearing g-strings for men because of the way they make me feel while I am walking down the street. There is something about the way my jeans fit while I am wearing a g-string that I can’t really explain. It is much different from wearing any other type of underwear, though, and […]

Looking Sexy in G-strings for Men

  Have you ever worn G-strings for men when you go to your favorite beach or community pool? If not, you should consider doing just that. One of the reasons that you should think about it is that it is motivation for you to get your body healthy and sexy looking. Remember that G-strings are […]

Discovering the Fun of G-strings for Men

  I have started to notice more guys wearing G-strings for men these days. I never really thought about wearing anything like that until I found myself on a couple of websites that sold the things. At first, I was a little disturbed that guys would actually want to wear something like this. All I […]

G-strings for Men to Spice up Your Sex Life

  There will always be moments during a relationship when couples have issues with keeping their sex lives passionate. Something that has been known to help that along is G-strings for men. These little garments go a long way to make men seem a lot sexier than they are. Even men that are sexy to […]

Learning to Wear G-strings for Men

I found out the hard way that it takes a very special guy to wear g-strings for men. I had a friend telling me that these new G-strings were all the rage in foreign countries and that we should start wearing them to the beach more often. He said that it would be the perfect […]

Proudly Wearing G-strings for Men

  Whenever I am wearing my G-strings for men, I feel like the entire world is in my hands. I can walk around anywhere I want to knowing that everyone’s attention is on me and me alone. I know that there are a lot of guys that feel the same way that I do when […]

Wearing My G-strings for Men

  Whenever I start thinking about summer, I always picture wearing my G-strings for men out on the beach. There is something so relaxing about wearing a G-string for me that I find it difficult to make it through the winter months. I want to wear my G-strings so badly that I often think about […]