My G-string

G-strings for Men

Wearing G-strings for men is one of those things that is quite personal for me. I know there are a lot of guys that love wearing G-strings out on the beach and in public for the sheer joy of doing so, but I am a bit different. I love wearing my g-string under my clothing so that I can feel the comfort it offers and not have to worry about people laughing at the way that I look in it. I know I should not worry about what people may or may not think in regard to what I am wearing, but I just can’t seem to wear something like this in public without worrying about it.

I have been wearing g-strings for men for quite a while now, but the one and only time I ever wore one in public I was completely humiliated. The people that saw me wearing my first g-string were not as open minded as the people that I have been around in the last few years. they did not understand why I would be wearing something like that out in public. I guess I could understand how they had seen me in my gstring, but I still did not feel like I wanted to ever put myself through something like that again. I just want to wear my items and pass through life without bringing down any more judgement from outsiders.

If you are planning on wearing g-strings for men in public, you should probably think about how other people are going to look at you. If it does not bother you when people snicker and laugh behind your back, or directly to your face, then more power to you. I hope you enjoy wearing your g-strings in public while I hope those that laugh today will be the ones wearing g-strings in the future. On the way, if you are afraid of the reactions you may get, remember that you can always wear them under your clothing and enjoy them just as much as ever. I have been wearing mine under my clothing for years now, and I do no regret a single day of  showing them off to the world.