Are you ready for a G-string?

G-strings for Men

I have been wearing G-strings for men way longer than they have actually been advertised as being for the male gender. I used to sneak into my sisters’ room in high school and slip into her G-strings when she was not around and absolutely loved wearing them. Now, she was not too thrilled when she found out I was doing that. For my atonement for the sin of borrowing her panties, I ended up with every single pair she had because she did not want to risk wearing something that I had slipped into. Therefore, it could not have worked out better for me. But the fact is that I have been wearing these things for a very long time. They were thrilled that someone from around the world finally heard our cries for G-strings and decided to design them specifically for men.

I know that there are a lot of other men in this world that have been wearing G-strings for men just as long as I have, if not longer, and I salute you for that. If you have not tried any of the designs that are specifically made for guys and everything they happen to bring to the table, or bedroom, as the case might be; then you have been missing out on something amazing. Words are not really able to give you the idea of what It is like slipping into a design like this for the first time. It is really strange going from a regular G-string that you would buy for you or wife or girlfriend at any store in the mall, to wearing something just as sexy and simultaneous without having to worry about where your cock might be sitting so that you are comfortable and can move at the same time. You see, I always had the issue with my cock sliding one way and my balls going the other.  all that ever did was tug on the string in my ass which made everything uncomfortable. But having that extra little pocket in the front makes things so much easier that I usually forget what I am wearing under my pants.

I am betting that once you try on your first ever G-strings for men you will not want to wear anything else ever again. In fact, I am so sure of this that I will say that you will end up throwing away all of your underwear and swimwear after the first day of wearing these G-string designs. At least that is exactly what I ended up doing and I feel that you probably will end up doing that as well.