G-strings for Men

G-strings for men have been around for quite a while now, having made it through all of the bad publicity that surrounded them in the beginning. The launch of these garments were even worse than getting bikinis out there. It is difficult to understand why there are, and always will be, people who have their minds sealed off from anything that might be exciting as well as sexy as hell. Those people are the ones who have no idea just how amazing life can be if they would just open their minds a bit. Maybe they should view the two Magic Mike movies. You see plenty of G-strings in those movies along with some very fine male bodies.

Obviously, G-strings for men are not only made for the entertainment industry, but that may well be what started the wearing of them as swimsuits. There are still any number of beaches that have rules stating that G-strings are considered to be inappropriate to wear at public beaches. It really is a shame that there are so many people around the world promoting the wearing of clothes as much as possible. It is good thing that there are such places as clothing optional beaches. You can choose to wear your G-strings or elect to go completely nude. Of course, there is just something about wearing such a small thing, something like a G-string, that is so sexy.

Something that you should definitely keep in mind when choosing to wear G-strings for men is the shape and fitness of your body.No one wants to see a huge, overweight man wandering around in a G-string.Those guys have not seen their penis in years so if you are flabby rather than fit, you can do one of two things. Do not wear G-strings at all. Find something that you can wear in public without calling much attention to yourself. The other thing you can do is to begin an exercise program and go on a healthy diet. While this last thing is going to take longer, you will come out on the other side as a much more attractive and healthier man. The choice is yours.