Don’t Buy Cheap G-strings for Men


When I first started wearing g-strings for men I wasn’t exactly sure that I was going to enjoy them all that much. I just knew that I was going to be bothered by the way that string in back would fit and I figured I wouldn’t be wearing it too much after putting it on for the first time. Because of this feeling I ended up buying a really cheap design because I didn’t want to waste a lot of money on something I might not be wearing for more than a couple of minutes. It really is funny to think back on something like that and realize just how wrong you were at that moment.

I have been wearing g-strings for men for a few years now and I know deep in my heart that I will never go back to anything else. Unless some genius comes up with a design hybrid that mixes a g-string with briefs than I will probably continue to wear the g-string for the rest of my life. I love the way they fit and that little string part in the back never actually bothered me at all. It was almost like it as a missing puzzle piece in my life that I had finally found and now the puzzle was complete.


Now there might be some guys out there that want to try wearing g-strings for men but they aren’t sure how to go about buying their first one. Don’t be afraid because we were all there at one point in time but I will tell you that you should refrain from buying a cheap design. Just because you think you might not be wearing them very long doesn’t mean you have to go with something cheap. Get a real pair of g-strings and see what you could be wearing if you decide to move forward with this. You might be surprised at just how comfortable something like this really is after all.