Pick the Right Moments for Wearing G-strings for Men


I do love wearing g-strings for men but there are times when it just isn’t right to do so. Now I have my moments when I want to be a bit naughty and have some real fun which is when I usually slip into one of my gstrings. Times like going out to the club for the night when I really want to show off my body and get as much attention as I possibly can are perfect examples. Even though I am wearing my gstrings under my clothing and no one can see them it is all in my mind and that is enough for me.

But I can’t seem to be in the mood for wearing g-strings for men while I am sitting in an office meeting or anything like that. It just seems so inappropriate for me to be wearing something like that when I am trying to be completely serious for hours on end. I have worn a gstring or two to work on occasion but not when I knew that I was going to have a long meeting. I figure I would end up being too distracting for all those poor souls sitting around me and that might end up getting me fired.

I know there are guys that don’t have a problem wearing their g-strings for men all day long and I applaud them for that. I don’t know how they can keep that naughty side under control like they do but it gives me hope that someday I will be able to wear my gstring all day long. But until then I will have to settle for being the sexy beast that I know I am on the weekends and special occasions. I don’t mind that all too much though since it lets me show my wild side and I just can’t do that at work.