G-strings for Men to Relax


I have been wearing G-strings for men lately and I will admit that I was not sure how I was going to feel. I was thinking that there might be a part of me that felt too feminine while wearing something of this nature and that scared me. I did not want any of my friends to notice me prancing around or something because I was wearing a G-string and my womanly side started showing. Of course that did not happen at all. I am proud to say that I actually feel a bit manlier than I did before wearing a G-string, which is odd to say, but it is the truth.

Once I got the first of my G-strings for men on; it was a bit uncomfortable. I have never worn anything that put a string in that particular place of my body before and it took some time to get used to that rather weird sensation. After about an hour, I was trying to figure out how I was going to take the damn thing off but I was at work and I had to push my way through it. Once I was able to stop thinking about where that little string was heading, I started to notice that it was actually rather comfortable.

I have been wearing G-strings for men ever since then, which is about six months or so, and I could not be happier. I have even found a few unique designs online that I bought and like to wear for special occasions. I actually look forward to going to work every day just so I can wear my G-strings and see how relaxed I can get. I know it is strange but if it was not for these G-strings; I would probably have quit my job by now. The stress was really getting to me but now I am happy when I get to work and I look forward to any challenge that might come my way. Is that all because of my G-strings? All I know is that I did not feel this way when I was not wearing G-strings.


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