Getting Comfortable with G-strings for Men


Most guys are not going to be all that comfortable wearing G-strings for men. You can pretty much guess why that would be, too. The first time I ever put on a G-string and had that little piece of fabric ride up my crack, I thought it was the most uncomfortable thing in the world. I have actually walked on cactus in the desert without any shoes on and that was more comfortable than this. Granted, I had a little too much to drink but still, the pain was easier to handle than walking around with that string in my butt.

Thankfully, I gave my G-strings for men some more adjustment time around the house and I started to feel like they were normal underwear or something close to it. I won’t say that every guy in the world will fall in love with them the moment they slip into them, but after a while, they are not all that bad. Here it is three years later and the only thing I am willing to wear under my pants are my G-strings. I love the way they feel and they have become much more comfortable to me than anything else I have ever worn in the past.


If you are planning to wear G-strings for men, or even if you are not planning on it but it happens anyway for whatever reason; do not be fooled by the initial feeling of having them on. Give them some time and realize that you will get used to the whole butt flossing aspect of wearing a G-string. Just remember that you have them on if you ever plan to remove your pants while around someone that does not know what you are wearing. That has become a rather embarrassing moment in my life more than once if you know what I mean. Although now that I think about it, it is rather funny. Just a bit of G-string humor.