Change of Attitude of G-strings for Men


I love wearing G-strings for men but there are times when I should probably not wear them as often. I have been known to walk into the locker room at the gym and strip down to my G-string with everyone staring at me in disgust or amusement. I have no issues with showing off my G-strings but, apparently, there are a lot of other guys in the world that do not think men should be wearing things like this. I do not see what the big problem is, though. They are extremely comfortable once you get used to them and in my opinion, they are sexy as hell.

I think if more guys in the world would be willing to try G-strings for men, they would feel the same way about them that I do. Of course that is not going to happen anytime soon, but it would be nice if it did. I would love to walk back into that locker room and see every guy sporting a new G-string just once. I can already imagine the smiles on their faces while they strut their stuff in those G-strings. Maybe one of these days I will get a chance to see something like that but until then, I will try my best to remember not to go to the gym in one myself.


Other than the gym, wearing my G-strings for men has not caused me any issues. I have let them slip a few times and accidently shown them off to people but they do not seem to notice anything most of the time. Either they do not notice what I’m wearing or they are overly polite and refuse to say anything about it. They probably think there is something wrong with me and they do not want to get involved in some kind of an argument, though. I am fine with them acting that way as it helps me keep a positive attitude while wearing my G-strings. This might also strengthen their attitudes one day, too.