Change of Attitude of G-strings for Men

  I love wearing G-strings for men but there are times when I should probably not wear them as often. I have been known to walk into the locker room at the gym and strip down to my G-string with everyone staring at me in disgust or amusement. I have no issues with showing off […]

Getting Comfortable with G-strings for Men

  Most guys are not going to be all that comfortable wearing G-strings for men. You can pretty much guess why that would be, too. The first time I ever put on a G-string and had that little piece of fabric ride up my crack, I thought it was the most uncomfortable thing in the […]

The Courage to Wear G-strings for Men

The Courage to Wear G-strings for Men Most people have seen G-strings for men and those who have not actually seen them at least have an idea as to what they are. The description of a G-string is pretty simple. The only real material involved covers a man’s package. The man’s ass is completely exposed […]