Do Not Miss Out on G-strings for Men


If you have never worn G-strings of men, then you are missing out on something extraordinary. Now, I will tell you that getting used to wearing something like this can be a bit difficult for some guys but it is definitely worth the effort of figuring out the solution. I was one of those guys that did not think wearing G-strings were something men should be doing when I first started out in this adventure. In fact, it took me a couple of months wearing them off and on before I was able to go all day without freaking out about what I was actually wearing under my pants.

Once you get used to wearing G-strings for men, you will find out that your life can be a lot more comfortable than it has been in the past. I always thought the briefs I wore kept me comfortable until I was able to go a couple of days wearing a G-string. There is the close feeling of not having anything on under your pants and yet you feel like you are being fully contained as underwear usually feels. It’s really a strange sensation that cannot be put fully into words but should be experienced by every man on the planet as far as I am concerned.


I have always felt that knocking things without trying them first was a big mistake, especially when it comes to things like G-strings for men. Sure, there are some things in this life that I will not be trying but there are others that I am curious enough about to give a shot. Wearing G-strings just happened to be one of those things I was curious enough about to actually try. Now I find myself wondering what other things I might be missing out on because of the expectations of others around me. I know that since I have gotten used to wearing G-strings that I actually enjoy then all those other things might just work out as well. At any rate, it will be fun trying them.

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