G-strings for Men Actually Are Comfortable


So there are some guys out there that think wearing g-strings for men is wrong. They think that if a guy is wearing something like this then there is something wrong with them or they are not truly men. I would like to think that I am a man and I love wearing g-strings every day. I used to be a boxers or briefs guy in the past until I decided to change things up a bit. That is when I found my first g-string and fell in love with it. You just don’t know how freeing and comfortable something like this can be until you try it out.


Men’s Swimwear

I will say that some guys will try g-strings for men for the first time and not like them. I can understand this because of the way they tend to fit. But I would highly suggest wearing them for a couple of days before putting them away and forgetting about them. Something like this is going to take a little bit of getting used to and that won’t happen as soon as you slip them on. Take your time to see if this is something you really want to wear and make sure you wear them under different types of pants.



I think wearing dress pants with my g-strings for men is probably the best. There is something about how the g-string sits and the slick feeling of the pants that really adds to the comfort. Jeans are okay but they tend to feel a bit rough for me at times. This is especially true if I am doing a lot of movement like sitting and standing repeatedly. But they are still better than having to adjust my boxers with every step I take. I am sure that you will enjoy wearing a g-string too if you have an open mind and are willing to go along for the ride.

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