Have Some Fun in G-strings for Men

  G-strings for men have been around for a pretty long time now even if they have not received the attention that they so richly deserve. Naturally, these have been known for years as being worn by women, particularly strippers. In case you have been living under a rock or something, a Gstring is a […]

Learning to Love G-strings for Men

  I never really thought about wearing G-strings for men. After all, why would I have thought about wearing something like this when I didn’t even know they existed? I knew that women wore G-strings all the time, which I couldn’t figure out since it is literally a string riding up your butt crack; but […]

Getting Sexy in G-strings for Men

  G-strings for men have become quite popular in certain circles of men. There are many reasons that they might have chosen to try to wear these G-strings. One of them might have a lot to do with a couple of little movies with the name Magic Mike in the titles. Nothing sells a Gstring […]

Adjusting to G-strings for Men

  After wearing G-strings for men for a while, I found that I really enjoy them. I can understand why some guys would think that wearing something like this might be annoying, though. The first couple of times I wore G-strings I was extremely uncomfortable. Guys just aren’t used to wearing something that has a […]