Be Ready to Wear G-strings for Men


Wearing Gstrings for men can be a lot of fun if you know what you are getting yourself into. There are some guys that will absolutely refuse to wear something like this because they are afraid of what others might think if they found out. I don’t particularly care if anyone else finds out about me wearing a Gstring, though. That is probably why I tend to buy Gstring swimwear and walk right on down the beach in them all the time. If people don’t like it, then they can stop staring at my sexy ass as I stride by.

Of course when you have an ass as sexy as mine in tight Gstrings for men, not looking at it is almost impossible to do. I am one of those guys that will drag out as much attention in a moment as I possibly can and wearing a Gstring is the perfect way of doing that. I love getting to know new people and have interesting conversations with them. Even when that conversation usually starts with them telling me how sexy my ass looks in my new Gstring. If only they knew that is why I started wearing Gstrings to begin with. But that is my little secret.

If you don’t think you are ready to wear the new G-strings for men, then you probably aren’t ready. This isn’t something that you can just decide to try out one day and hope for the best. I have wanted to wear something like this for a very long time and, now that they are acceptable for men to wear in public; that is what I am going to do. As long as I am comfortable with what I am wearing, it shouldn’t be anyone else’s business. Although there are plenty of people out there that think it is perfectly fine to tell me what I can and can’t wear to the beach which is extremely sad to me. I am not one to follow directions unless they make sense to me, though, so it doesn’t bother me.