G-strings for Men on the Beach

Gstrings for Men on the Beach

Most of the g-strings for men designs that you will see on the beach are tame when compared to the ones you may never get to see. Public beaches have dress codes for what guys can and cannot wear and the really sexy gstrings aren’t going to be seen out in public like that. They show off too much skin to be acceptable so you are left with designs that are safer for the public to view. I guess that is a good thing, although I would like to find a beach that I could wear my sexier gstrings to once in a while.

I can understand not wanting to show off some gstrings for men, though. I have one that is, basically, a thread of fabric and a cock ring. I don’t think I could wear something like that out in public even if the beach allowed me to do so. Walking around flossing my ass crack with my erection in full force would be rather unsettling for people, I am sure. Although there are times when wearing that particular gstring around the house just isn’t enough for me anymore. But I will stick with it in that manner so that I don’t get arrested or something.

I love wearing g-strings for men even if I have to keep it to designs that are acceptable. I don’t blame the beach for not allowing me to wear what I really want. I think society just isn’t ready for my sexiness walking down the beach in a couple of the other gstrings I have available. Maybe, someday, I will be allowed to wear them but, until then, I will keep pushing the limits gently. If I push too far I am sure that someone somewhere will let me know about it and I will be carted off the beach in handcuffs or something. That is certainly not my goal.


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