G-strings for Men to Relax

  Wearing G-strings for men has become quite the fetish for me lately. I’m not sure when it really started, the idea of wearing these wonderful items, but I have grown quite fond of them. It may seem odd to some guys out there that a man like me would want to wear something this […]

G-strings for Men to Force You into Shape

  I have wanted to start wearing G-strings for men ever since I went to the beach last summer. I saw a group of guys walking down the beach in these fantastic swimsuits and thought that I would look great in one, too. Of course I thought that I had the right body style to […]

Wearing My G-strings for Men

  Whenever I start thinking about summer, I always picture wearing my G-strings for men out on the beach. There is something so relaxing about wearing a G-string for me that I find it difficult to make it through the winter months. I want to wear my G-strings so badly that I often think about […]