G-strings for men and other skimpy swimwear designs

I felt that G-strings for men deserved a blog of it’s own. I love wearing G-strings and I love seeing other men and women wearing them too. The hottest G-strings for men cover very little with some of the designs every bit as tiny as the smallest G-strings for the girls. Showing lots of skin is what they are all about and of course doing it in style. This blog will feature: hot models wearing G-strings, bikinis, thongs, pouch only swimwear and a host of other erotic and exotic swimwear designs for men. Information about hot new trends and the latest fashions. Stories about men and their spandex fetishes. The best beaches to wear your tiny swimsuits to. All about grooming to look your best while wearing very little. The erotic side of swimwear and so much more. If you like what you see please share it with your friends and make this the best G-strings for men site on the web.


Designs featured are by Koalaswim