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G-strings for Men

When it comes to wearing g-strings for men you have to think about what you are showing the world and how you are going about it at the same time. A lot of guys that I have seen walking around in a g-string don’t seem to understand just how much of their body they are actually showing off. I have seen guys that really needed to figure out what a razor was used for, but they didn’t seem to care that everyone around them could see their hairy ass when they walked by. I’m not saying every guy that wears a g-string is like that, but I have seen quite a lot of them over the years.

I really think that some of the guys wearing g-strings for men should think about hitting the gym a couple times a week. I’m not going to say that I hold my standards higher than anyone else, but when you see a guy weighing in at over 350 pounds and only 5 foot 5 inches tall, he doesn’t need to be wearing anything even loosely related to a g-string. If you are going to wear something like this out in public then you really need to think about what everyone else is looking at and do your best to make that a pleasurable experience for them.

With all of that said, I have been to a few private parties where guys were wearing g-strings for men and it was perfectly okay that they were completely out of shape. I didn’t mind what they looked like because they weren’t forcing the general public to look at them. This was all in the privacy of someone’s backyard and there wasn’t any kids there to be offended by what they were seeing. If you are wearing your g-string in private them I don’t really care what you look like in them, just remember that not all of us want to see you in public with a g-string on.

My G-string

G-strings for Men

Wearing G-strings for men is one of those things that is quite personal for me. I know there are a lot of guys that love wearing G-strings out on the beach and in public for the sheer joy of doing so, but I am a bit different. I love wearing my g-string under my clothing so that I can feel the comfort it offers and not have to worry about people laughing at the way that I look in it. I know I should not worry about what people may or may not think in regard to what I am wearing, but I just can’t seem to wear something like this in public without worrying about it.

I have been wearing g-strings for men for quite a while now, but the one and only time I ever wore one in public I was completely humiliated. The people that saw me wearing my first g-string were not as open minded as the people that I have been around in the last few years. they did not understand why I would be wearing something like that out in public. I guess I could understand how they had seen me in my gstring, but I still did not feel like I wanted to ever put myself through something like that again. I just want to wear my items and pass through life without bringing down any more judgement from outsiders.

If you are planning on wearing g-strings for men in public, you should probably think about how other people are going to look at you. If it does not bother you when people snicker and laugh behind your back, or directly to your face, then more power to you. I hope you enjoy wearing your g-strings in public while I hope those that laugh today will be the ones wearing g-strings in the future. On the way, if you are afraid of the reactions you may get, remember that you can always wear them under your clothing and enjoy them just as much as ever. I have been wearing mine under my clothing for years now, and I do no regret a single day of  showing them off to the world.

Are you ready for a G-string?

G-strings for Men

I have been wearing G-strings for men way longer than they have actually been advertised as being for the male gender. I used to sneak into my sisters’ room in high school and slip into her G-strings when she was not around and absolutely loved wearing them. Now, she was not too thrilled when she found out I was doing that. For my atonement for the sin of borrowing her panties, I ended up with every single pair she had because she did not want to risk wearing something that I had slipped into. Therefore, it could not have worked out better for me. But the fact is that I have been wearing these things for a very long time. They were thrilled that someone from around the world finally heard our cries for G-strings and decided to design them specifically for men.

I know that there are a lot of other men in this world that have been wearing G-strings for men just as long as I have, if not longer, and I salute you for that. If you have not tried any of the designs that are specifically made for guys and everything they happen to bring to the table, or bedroom, as the case might be; then you have been missing out on something amazing. Words are not really able to give you the idea of what It is like slipping into a design like this for the first time. It is really strange going from a regular G-string that you would buy for you or wife or girlfriend at any store in the mall, to wearing something just as sexy and simultaneous without having to worry about where your cock might be sitting so that you are comfortable and can move at the same time. You see, I always had the issue with my cock sliding one way and my balls going the other.  all that ever did was tug on the string in my ass which made everything uncomfortable. But having that extra little pocket in the front makes things so much easier that I usually forget what I am wearing under my pants.

I am betting that once you try on your first ever G-strings for men you will not want to wear anything else ever again. In fact, I am so sure of this that I will say that you will end up throwing away all of your underwear and swimwear after the first day of wearing these G-string designs. At least that is exactly what I ended up doing and I feel that you probably will end up doing that as well.

Micro swimwear for men

G-strings for Men

For many people all over the world, the term G-strings for men instantly brings to mind the Magic Mike movies. If you have not seen these, you must do so immediately! Granted, there are lots of hunky and sexy men stripping down to nothing except those G-strings, but the reason that you must take away from those movies is the question of how to get yourself looking like those gorgeous specimens. If you are grossly out of shape, you may be feeling overwhelmed by just getting off your ass and doing something about it. Besides, it may be that you actually do not look that bad and only a little work to do before you are quite ready to wear G-strings in public.  

First, you need to get off of the couch, or bed, or anywhere that keeps you from doing the exercises that you must perform in order to conceal any flaws that your body may have. That is the problem that many guys have when it comes to wearing G-strings for men. They have dreams where they see themselves strolling along the beach as others stare at them in complete awe. That is when you know that you have accomplished your goal of looking amazing in a G-string. It does some confidence to wear one where others can see you, but you will not need to worry about it. Those looks you are getting say it all.

You must remember that once you start this healthier lifestyle, you will have to keep doing that if you want to continue to wear G-strings for men. It may be ok if you want to cut your workouts to every other day, but do not ever stop doing them completely,  The same goes for your new and healthier diet. Of course, you can cheat a bit now and then. If you feel too resentful and deprived of all your past fun food, you will need to work in a forbidden food sometimes. There are always methods you can choose to eat some of your favorite food. You just have to keep track of it and maybe throw in a bit of a extra exercise that week.

G-strings for Men

G-strings for Men

Unless you have been living under a rock for several years, you already know what G-strings for men are along with all of the fun that can be had by the men who wear them. For the handful of people who may not be familiar with G-strings, it is time to explain this a bit. Now, you may have seen women in exotic dance clubs stripping down to their tiny G-strings. Exotic dancers have worn these remarkably sexy items for years. It was only after this was noticed by men that change began to happen. They began to demand equality in being able to wear G-strings, too. They made their demands known and it was heard loud and clear by designers everywhere.

This was a very exciting time in the world of fashion. Designers all over the world set to work on G-strings for men. They were very careful in their efforts to create just the right G-strings that men would love wearing. The results of these efforts could not have been more successful. Men absolutely loved them! This was true of men who remained in the closet about what sort of underwear they prefer. Still other men are more than happy to share what they have discovered in the G-strings. There are even methods to shop anonymously to protect the privacy of men who would prefer to not have all of their business out there on front street. This can be done by ordering through websites on the Internet. In addition, there are now shops all over who make it simple for men to do their G-strings shopping private.

Now, there are not only G-strings for men in the underwear department, but an exciting aspect of these garments has been launched in the form of swimsuits for men. They are based on the initial design of G-strings but have been made for the express use of swimming or tanning in your favorite water sports venue. Granted, these G-strings are not made to be worn at all beaches because they do show a lot of bare skin. Families with children might not appreciate the show that a G-string can cause. So be sure to check the rules before wearing a G-string swimsuit to public water venues.

G-strings for Men

G-strings for men have been around for quite a while now, having made it through all of the bad publicity that surrounded them in the beginning. The launch of these garments were even worse than getting bikinis out there. It is difficult to understand why there are, and always will be, people who have their minds sealed off from anything that might be exciting as well as sexy as hell. Those people are the ones who have no idea just how amazing life can be if they would just open their minds a bit. Maybe they should view the two Magic Mike movies. You see plenty of G-strings in those movies along with some very fine male bodies.

Obviously, G-strings for men are not only made for the entertainment industry, but that may well be what started the wearing of them as swimsuits. There are still any number of beaches that have rules stating that G-strings are considered to be inappropriate to wear at public beaches. It really is a shame that there are so many people around the world promoting the wearing of clothes as much as possible. It is good thing that there are such places as clothing optional beaches. You can choose to wear your G-strings or elect to go completely nude. Of course, there is just something about wearing such a small thing, something like a G-string, that is so sexy.

Something that you should definitely keep in mind when choosing to wear G-strings for men is the shape and fitness of your body.No one wants to see a huge, overweight man wandering around in a G-string.Those guys have not seen their penis in years so if you are flabby rather than fit, you can do one of two things. Do not wear G-strings at all. Find something that you can wear in public without calling much attention to yourself. The other thing you can do is to begin an exercise program and go on a healthy diet. While this last thing is going to take longer, you will come out on the other side as a much more attractive and healthier man. The choice is yours.

G-strings for Men

G-strings for Men

G-strings for men are relatively well known all over the world especially with the Magic Mike movies. Those really sit G-strings front and center when it comes to purchasing underwear as well as swimwear. In fact, there really is not any particular reason or time to wear G-strings because they are so versatile. You can buy G-strings to swim in or worn as underwear. It is totally up to you. Any way that you wear G-strings, you can be assured of comfort as well as sexiness. Plus, you can help to build self-confidence when others see you and give you a lustful stare and flirty smile.

In spite of the fact that G-strings for men are the ultimate in sexiness, there are many guys who will not feel comfortable wearing something so revealing in front of other people, especially strangers. On the other hand, there are ways to get your nerve up and slip into one of these G-strings. The first thing you need to do is assess your naked body and be honest about what you see in the mirror. Do not feel that you have any insurmountable body flaws because there is nothing that cannot be fixed with a bit of time, effort, and determination. Well, ok, a lot of determination mixed in with a dash of self-discipline. But it is something to keep in mind when you begin whatever regimen you may need.

You probably already know that if you want to be able to successfully wear G-strings for men, there may be some lifestyle changes needed. For other men, those who are in great shape as a regular daily routine, you probably do not need a lot of work because you are already doing healthy things for yourself. However, it is never too late to start molding your body into what it needs to be for wearing G-strings.


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Give G-strings for Men a Try

Give G-strings for Men a Try

It might be time for you to step out on that limb and try something a bit different by slipping into a pair of G-strings for men. They can be fun and kicky when you want to show off for either that special someone or just random people who happen to be lounging at your favorite swimming and tanning venue. If you look enticing in a pair of G-strings, then you need to flaunt yourself and enjoy those lustful stares from other people. No one likes to be viewed as unattractive, but you do not have to be. Even if you feel that your body is not ready for something this revealing, it is simply time for you to get busy making your body ready to show off as much bare skin as you like. That means you will start loving G-strings.

Guys who are wearing G-strings for men already say that they have tried other, more traditional, swimsuits, but they will never go back to them having given G-strings a try. These men want to feel sexy, so they take care of themselves. This enables them to wear any type of swimsuits that they choose including G-strings. You can do that, too. Nothing is stopping you from putting together a workout plan along with a healthy diet. There may be some things involved with these changes that you will not be thrilled about, but keep in mind the goal at the end of these changes that will be well worth your efforts.

The main thing is that you are stepping outside of your comfort zone if you are not used to wearing G-strings for men. Chances are excellent that if you have worked on sculpting your body to make it ready for you to wear any swim suit that you choose, and that includes G-strings. Guys are quite the peacocks when they have the body that everyone wants to see. Some might want to do more than just look at these bodies in lustful appreciation. They want to touch it, too. You need to be prepared for that and remember that you have worked hard to get to this point. After that, you must decide just who you will allow to let their fingers do the walking all over your body.


Photo of me wearing my new neoprene Koalaswim thong!

G-strings for Men Never Go Out of Style

G-strings for Men Never Go Out of Style

For all of you golden sun gods out in the world, there is great news! Enter G-strings for men. Nothing can be sexier, especially if you happen to fall into the group of men who take excellent care of their bodies. In order to get the body, you want for these -Gstrings, you will need to make sure that the style you have chosen is the best one for you. That may sound like something that would be difficult, but it really is not. After all, G-strings are a part of our cultures now. There is nothing to feel shame over.

The first thing you will want to do before buying the initial G-strings for men is to make sure that your body is decent enough to be seen in public. Lots of men look pretty good when they are wearing clothes. That is why you need to be open minded about the reality of your body vs. your opinion. Many times, these are not the same at all. That means that you need to stand in front of a mirror while totally naked. Then be brutally honest with your assessment of what you are seeing. This is how you will know what you need to do, if anything, in order to be assured of showing off the amount of bare skin that comes with all G-strings. This also shows you the area or areas that might need the most attention.

Once you have worked away any excess flab, it is time to head back to the mirror and re-assess your body. This needs to be done before purchasing your G-strings for men. You must be positive that you are ready to slip into that G-string and head out in public. The changes that you have made in your body will serve you well when you are at your favorite swimming venue. Prepare yourself to be hounded for many requests for your phone number.

Seduce Your Lover with G-strings for Men


Before you bypass this bit of advice on G-strings for men, consider just how sexy these garments are and can be! Once you understand this part of things, you will certainly want to consider using them as one of your seduction tools for that special person in your life. This is especially true if you have a body that others definitely want to see. G-strings do not cover a lot when it comes to your body and that is what makes you even sexier. Just imagine the effect these tiny garments will have on someone who already is very attracted to you. Sounds rather like an explosion of huge proportions, doesn’t it?

Something else that you might think about is the holiday season. If you are in a relationship with someone, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of G-strings for men as a gift for that special man in your life. Obviously, you would not want to present this gift in front of a crowd of people surrounding your holiday tree, so you might consider a very special presentation of this gift. It does not have to be during a holiday celebration with family. You might just set up a romantic New Year’s Eve and give these G-strings to your chosen man then. Now think about how much fun the two of you could have that night with him modeling those sexy items for you. It will most likely bring to mind all sorts of creative ideas.

When it comes to G-strings for men, you do not have to wait for a designated special time to present these to the man in your life. It is entirely possible for you to do this on any day of the year and make it a sexy surprise. Something else that you might also consider is presenting yourself with a pair of G-strings as a reward for a personal occasion such as a promotion or raise at work, or any other reason that you have to celebrate. There is nothing like a sexy pair of G-strings as a sweet surprise for your man or yourself and a wild passionate night.